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Hi, I'm Tom & I suffer from multiple chronic illness's. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on my 10th birthday & Severe M.E 4 years later. Since I was diagnosed with M.E I've had some horrendous symptoms such as paralysis in both my legs, extreme chronic pain everywhere in my body, gastrointestinal problems such as gastroparesis & GI dysmotility and much more. I have a PEG-J feeding tube for medications & liquid food that goes straight into my bowel, and a central line in my chest for intravenous fluids. I've also been diagnosed with depression & anxiety so mental health is a huge struggle for me aswell, but I try to look for the good in everything I do. Thank you for reading!


Hailsham, ENG


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Tom Mitchell is so Inspiring and she amazes me how he keeps going while staying positive. Tom is always there if we need someone or a chat. He deserves this award.  — Evie

Tom Mitchell - tomxmitchell

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