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Hi! I’m Heather, a 28 year old actor, teacher and MS Society Support Volunteer, who lives in England and was diagnosed with MS nearly 4 years ago. I blog and podcast about my life and adventures with MS, with the help of my trustee companion: Dizzy the Donkey! Dizziness and vertigo are the main symptoms I suffer with, so it seemed appropriate to call her Dizzy. :) I blog about all things MS, and I also write about anxiety that comes from living with a chronic illness. I talk about the effects these have on me, ways to help live with MS and random adventures that Dizzy and I go on. :) We hope to help others feel less alone, and to also make people more aware of the condition. xxx


Tonbridge, ENG


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Dizzy and Heather are sharing their journey with Multiple Sclerosis using a joint story, using pictures, and also a podcast (DizzyCast). The use of stories to highlight the problems that she encounters, and how they resolve them is encouraging to everyone who has this disease. Helping to create awareness in a positive way.  — Robert

Dizzy the Donkey

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