Reanna Mathis

Patient Leader

Reanna is a stay at home mom, wife, chronic illness advocacy warrior, writer and world changer. Through writing she had found purpose in the pain of chronic illness. She volunteered with Dysautonomia Support Network in their writers club and blog. She also writes on a volunteer basis for DINET newsletter. Advocating for awareness for these chronic conditions is a huge part of her life. She believes that with enough of us banded together we can shift the way our illnesses are treated and how we are looked at by the medical community. “I was weak in my healthy life but now I am strong in my illness”. Reanna is also commited to recovering from the emotional fallout of having chronic illnesses and helping others find the way out, also. "This Wego Health Award nomination is an amazing honor and even if I do not win; just knowing that my writing is helping others is an award to me!" -Reanna


Norfolk, VA


Best Kept Secret Rookie of the Year Best in Show: Blog

Reanna has taken her last year to write about her struggles with addiction, health, and how to come back from rock bottom to a place of peace and happiness. She has made herself an open book by sharing both good and bad days in the hopes that it will give strength to those struggling to keep pushing forward to reach their goals one step at a time.  — Shannon

Reanna has begun to share her battle with chronic illness, addiction, and recovery as part of her healing process as well as a way to help others. Her strength shows more and more in each piece she writes be it on her blog or for The Mighty. She has become a true warrior and inspiration for all of those around her.  — shannon

Reanna Mathis

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