Sal Paradiso

Patient Leader

My name is Sal Paradiso, and I reside in Tampa, FL. I started my weight loss odyssey in Jan 2014 at a weight I didn't know. Several months into my weight loss odyssey I had gone to the hospital for a procedure, and was able to obtain a weight of 688 pounds. To date I've lost 477 pounds. I was also recently featured on Season 3 of Skin Tight on TLC Channel. I'm currently maintaining my weight loss and I'm fighting everyday to make continued progress. I talk openly about my weight loss to give those who are struggling hope, that they can turn it around and get their life back. I am living, breathing, proof of that.


Land O Lakes, FL


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I have been following him along his journey since the beginning. He is an inspiration to so many people. His accomplishment us truly amazing and a testament to hard work, determination and shear will. He is the best

Sal Paradiso

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