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I have dedicated myself to establishing Project Lifesaver in as many areas, as possible, to help protect those who may wander and become lost due to a cognitive disorder such as; Alzheimer's, Autism, Down Syndrome or any other disorder that has the characteristeic of wandering. These persons have little or no protection when lost and need to be located as soon as possible to help protect their lives or possible injury. These prgrams not only include the equipment to help locate those who wander but also, includes training and education on the disorders and how to interact with those that may have them. This is a problem that is growing rapidly, affecting more people and the resources it takes to locate them.


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I am submitting a nomination for CEO/Founder, Gene Saunders of Project Lifesaver International because over 14 years ago while he was the Captain of the Chesapeake Police Department he recognized standard search and rescue operation for loved one's with Alzheimer's were not as successful and usually end result was not a good one. He thought something needed to be done. He was then provided with information on radio frequency tracking technology and thought why not incorporate this into a training program for law enforcement and first responders and tie in the education and training for search and rescue for loved one's with Alzheimer's, dementia, Autism, Down syndrome, or other cognitive conditions with a wandering tendency. This marked the beginning of Project Lifesaver International a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization that bridges the technological gap for “at risk” populations and public safety agencies.  — Elizabeth

He has established a program that has proven highly successful in using radio tracking to locate and safely return those wandering due to Alzheimer's, Autism and other disorders. The program is now in over 1300 public safety agencies and has rescued over 2,500 people returning them home safely  — Jean


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