Jack Aiello

Patient Leader

I was dx'd with Myeloma in 1995 and given 2-3 yrs to live. During those first 7 years I was heavily treated with chemo, 3 transplants (2 autos, 1 allo), 2 clinical trials and 4 rounds of radiation. The allo was finally effective, though it caused 2-3 years of GVHD. Finally in 2002 I was in a complete remission. However, I had to go on medical disability that same year because of treatment side effects and today I have a very difficult time walking. My advocacy work consists of facilitating our SF Bay Area Myeloma support group, volunteering for IMF, MMRF and LLS which support Myeloma, fundraising over $.5M for research, and being the patient advocate on SWOG & NCI Myeloma Steering Cmtes.


San Jose, CA


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Jack Aiello

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