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After being a migraine sufferer for more than 50 years, I know first hand how this disease can take control of all aspects of your become just an spectator of your own life as pain takes control and limits you from everything you try to do. There is a lack of understanding in the general public about migraines. Migraine pain is so intense and overwhelming that it can take one to very dark places and in many cases there are members of the migraine community that have taken their own life. It can be a very lonely road as you lose friends, relationships, jobs, and family. Now we have also to fight the health system in order to receive the treatments we so desperately need. It has proven difficult because they don't want to give it to us, categorizing our pain as drug addicts and junkies, as lazy and cry babies....we just want people to believe our pain is real!!! My mission is to give support to my fellow migranieurs and to educate others to be more understanding and compassionate with anyone that suffers from any kind of chronic pain. I’ve suffered for 50 years and technology is finally reaching the points to be able to give us an opportunity to control some of our pain. In my case I had a neurostimulator implanted 15 months ago and with this device now I've become more functional and liberated. It’s changed my life and now I want to help others.. Thanks for the nomination, it's an honor for me to be between so many advocates that fight like me for the opportunity of having a life Alejandra xoxoxo If you need any kind of support or knowledge to help people you have around in your life here you can find that

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