Patient Leader

Hello friends! My name is Baylee. I would first like to say that I am beyond grateful for this nomination! How cool! I became a mental health advocate the day I accepted my own mental illness diagnosis. After many empty searches for a certain form of support where I could feel understood and less alone, I decided that if I couldn’t find what I was looking for that I would just create it myself. And just like that @anxietysupport was born. It’s been 6 wonderful years of sharing my own mental health journey and establishing human connections with people all around the world. I’ve made it my life’s mission to instill hope and light in what can often be a very dark and lonely struggle.


Chicago, IL


Best in Show: Instagram

@anxiety support is the most beautiful community built by Baylee with over 101 thousand followers who no longer feel they're alone in their struggles. She built the community by being loud & proud about every aspect of her journey.Her daily relatable posts about her highs & lows have given so many a save community to use their voice & ask for help

@anxietysupport is a beautiful community built by Baylee with over 101 thousand followers who no longer feel alone in their struggles. Her daily posts about her highs &lows, are a reminder to be loud &proud about every part of your journey. She is the face of mental health & has created a safe community where their voice can be heard and helped.  — Tracy

She's constantly giving, giving giving. People feel understood. She is real and kind and helpful.


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