Jamie Teachey-Pyle

Patient Leader

My name is Jamie. I advocate for mental and physical health because a change is needed to make people seek help before it’s too late. One of my best friends did not receive the help she needed and she was successful in a suicide attempt. There needs to be open dialogue to break the stigma and save lives. • Agoraphobia • panic disorder • POTS • MCAS • Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome • Autonomic Dysfunction • PCOS That is a list of A FEW of my diagnoses. They DO NOT define me. I was dropped by a psychiatrist because of my agoraphobia. The next psychiatrist I met told me I was obese and probably diabetic because of my medical PTSD and prescribed exercise. I don’t want other people to suffer like me. If you don’t talk about the issues, share, and actively try to BE THE CHANGE you can’t help create change. I created an online support group for people with Agoraphobia and mental and physical health issues that advocates for being open and not ashamed. I also share my story on Instagram and and other platforms. Through my experiences I have learned to ADVOCATE for myself and others. I also teach others how to advocate by doing simple things like staying on the phone with them while they are receiving services in the ER, offering an ear, telling them they have other options and There is a patient Bill of Rights. I am creating a nonprofit organization to aid the “forgotten” members of the society (patients that can’t go to mental or physical health appointments ) These patients are desperately in need of this type of service. I’ve been speaking with mental and physical health providers who are willing to offer free or discounted telehealth services to patients. Before I became disabled I was a teacher. I will teach forever. I will teach people to advocate. I will teach people to KNOW THEIR patient rights. I will be an unpaid patient advocate. It took 30 years for me to get a diagnosis. I will teach people to advocate so this does not happen to them.


Camden, NC


Advocating for Another Rookie of the Year


Rookie of the Year

I nominate the “Curvy Nerd” — Jamie because she came forth this year with a subject that most people do not talk about — panic disorder with housebound agoraphobia. It’s nice to see that I’m not alone. She even has a Facebook group supporting others. She has made a huge impact on my life knowing there are other people like me  — Merci

I feel like she has been through literal hell and back but is still advocating for other people and educating them. She was recently diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos after years of misdiagnoses. Even dealing with that news she continues to advocate and running groups to help others struggling with chronic illness and mental health.  — Richard

Though Jamie has her own chronic illnesses to deal with she still has taught me how to advocate for myself and advocated for me many times. She also continuously advocates for her mother who battles cancer.  — Merci

Jamie Teachey-Pyle

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