Greg Pierce-WhatNext

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I am a 3-time survivor of cancer, one stroke, and a basketful life-altering side effects. With a background in insurance sales from 1980 to 1988, a positive mental attitude has helped me through these issues.


Puryear, TN


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Greg moderates WhatNext, a site that is for survivors of all sorts of cancers as well as their caregivers. It is an active community where people who have questions or are scared or feel alone or just want to talk to others who have been there done that gather. Greg is a three-time cancer survivor himself, so he definitely has been there done that. is the internet's leading source of first-hand cancer experiences. By allowing patients, caregivers, survivors, and their families a place to connect with others on a similar journey. Ask questions, compare journeys, get support, inspiration, motivation, and education about their particular type of cancer.

Diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer from colonoscopy at 50 with no symptoms, I was scared. When I started chemo, I needed help in understanding the side effects of chemo and this place is the best for getting answers from real patients and survivors and people like GregP_WN who has been there, done that. He is a positive force in this community.  — Michele

He is a wonderful site manager who makes all members feel welcome and truly cares about the population he tends to.  — Carmi

I was dx with stage IV lng cancer in Nov of 2017 no hope of curing i was shocked scared and afraid this cant be happing I have kids that are grown and a wife and 2 grandbaby's and one on its way no this cant happen I went to the internet to look for answers and I found Greg site and have been blessed with finding answers to my Questions

Greg Pierce-WhatNext

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