Myisha King

Patient Leader

I became an advocate after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and than diagnosed with crohn’s disease in 2016 I almost lost my life twice due to this horrible disease I believe that everyone needs someone they can count on to help them through this tough tile being newly diagnosed or a professional patient accurate information is key


Baltimore , MD


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Myisha is very strong, knowledgeable and helpful. She’s supportive and really cares and is very deserving of this award  — Kiana

myisha king really is dedicated to helping others her mission is to inspire others and tell her story  — nicole

Myiesha can offer education and support to others with chrome's disease.  — D

mrs king is so nice and always willing to help anyone no matter there origin gender she tries her best to make sure that by the time she finished talking to you that you fully understand about your condition she’s not afraid to learn new things  — kourtney

myisha is a dedicated advocate who deserves all the recognition she have coming her way  — lauren

i work hard to be the best advocate that i can be i want everyone to hear my story so that i might help just one person so that maybe they won’t be afraid to share their stories  — myisha

Past Awards Participation

2018 WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Facebook
Myisha King

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