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I am a multi-award-winning author, baker and cook. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, I founded http://www.GlutenFreeHelp.info to help other celiacs and people with gluten issues adapt to the gluten-free lifestyle successfully. After many years on the "standard" gluten-free diet, I dopted the paleolithic diet, also known as the paleo or caveman diet, which is also gluten-free. I have since become a proponent for the paleo diet across the globe in my advocacy work. I have appeared on numerous radio shows, worked with numerous researchers, doctors, nutritionists and authors, and published hundreds of articles on websites including celiac.com and celiac.org. Voted the #2 .info website in the world out of over 6.7 million registered .info websites, GlutenFreeHelp.info exerts far-reaching influence. In early 2012, it was largely taken over by my celiac daughter, Miranda Jade Turbin. Since this transition, I have been concentrating on spreading the word about the paleo diet through my videos and eBooks, working in kitchens developing new recipes, and working alongside others to help get the original human diet and lifestyle better understood and successfully applied broadly. You can find my paleo gluten-free recipes at http://www.PaleoGlutenFreeRecipes.com and connect with me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/tina.turbin), Twitter (https://twitter.com/tinaturbin), and Instagram (@PaleoGlutenFreeRecipes). I love what I do!

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Tina Turbin PaleoGlutenFreeRecipes

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