Dr. Patty Verdugo, PsyD

Patient Leader

I became ill when I was 20 years old. I have now had now had 7 back surgeries (2 this year in 2017) that made sure I would not become paralyzed. I have been an advocate for those with chronic pain since I was in school. I went to school slowly and got my doctorate in 1997. Even though I did intern work, we knew that face to face counseling would not be possible. I decided to dedicate my life to all chronic pain sufferers 24/7 so we can cut down the suicide rate for those who just need to be heard, need resources or just to learn from someone who has been there and still goes through it daily. We hope to open our more informative & interactive website (2 years in the making) soon!


Health Activist Hero

Dr. Patty goes out of her way to help people with Chronic and/or Intractable Pain. She works everyday to help people even though she is in pain herself. She is a wonderful advocate for all people who suffer with pain in their life. Dr. Patty is a great mentor and teacher. Just talking to her will truly make a big difference in your life. She sure made a difference in my life, and I thank her greatly for that.  — Karla

Since moving our website, she has tirelessly given her time (she too is an intractable pain sufferer) to help rebuild our website. She not only earned a spot on our board of directors but she became a wonderful friend and sister in pain. She is such an asset to our organization and has learned to do many things that webmasters do on private sites.

Dr. Patty is a wonderful woman, and the Founder of a website that advocates for people with Chronic & Intractable Pain-(IP). Even though she has IP, she works tirelessly to run her website and advocate for people in pain. I have worked with her for 2 years and have never met a more dedicated person in my life. She is my Hero, and always will be.  — Karla

I nominated Dr. Patty because she is all over the internet attempting to spread the word about issues related to chronic and intractable pain sufferers. She makes herself available to help 24/7 and is always there to help out another fellow pain sufferer.  — Dennis

Dr. Patty is the most caring and loving person when it comes to anyone. She is so supportive and an awesome listener. I feel she deserves this award more than anyone not only because she has been a great influence in my life, but because I know she makes a difference in everyone's life that she comes in contact with and I feel she deserves this!  — Cathy

I have worked with several groups of volunteers that have helped on my websites. I can say without a doubt that the group that is there now is the best, awesome, willing to work to get the site moved, etc. I would love to see more of this in the future.  — Dr Patty

No matter what she is going through in her personal life: her hospitalizations, pain, and caring for her husband who has medical issues himself (he is my dad, for full disclosure), Patty always offers information, education, and encouragement to others. She doesn't give up. She doesn't just understand other's struggles, she lives it.

Patty is a blessing for chronic pain pts. She will work with anyone needing help. Her website is very informative with many conditions in one place. She also suffers from chronic intractable pain, she can relate to all who suffer.  — Becky

Despite her long term battle with numerous failed spine surgeries,Dr.Patty has taken a great deal of time in helping yours truly. My situation is similar.Five spine surgeries{cervical,lumbar,thoracic and a failed intrathecal pain pump trial. While I am on Earth,I wish to be somewhat independent.One day at a time.  — Daniel

She is a fellow victim of chronic pain who became a doctor to fight for our right to be treated. She fights the ignorance & stigma to teach opiates can be lifesaving with little addiction risk among those of us in intractable pain. We are ignored & even good physicians can fear treating us adequately due to government interference and peer pressure. Dr. Patty sheds light on our plight.  — Lynne

Dr Patty, despite her own chronic pain and health issure, has put 100% into helping others!  — Diane

Dr. Patty Verdugo, PsyD

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