Natalie van Scheltinga - The Unchargeables

Patient Leader

Natalie is the founder of The Unchargeables an online chronic illness support group. The goal of The Unchargeables is to let people know that they are not alone in their struggles and provide 24/7 emotional support. She can't do it alone though! The community is run by a small army of volunteers who make sure that the community stays active and there is always someone online to offer support. We call ourselves Chargie's. In the shop we offer a broad selection of disease specific awareness products. Shirts and other products with slogans that show on the outside how you feel inside. Every month we host a giveaway of $100 shop credit, so everybody has an equal chance to own Chargie gear.


Puerto Del Carmen, 53


Patient Leader Hero


Best in Show: Community

Natalie dedicates just about all her time and energy to managing a safe, positive and inclusive chronic illness community where thousands of people from around the world can find understanding and support. The community includes all social media platforms, the main hub being a fantastic support group on Facebook. She definitely deserves an award!  — Charlene

Natalie van Scheltinga - The Unchargeables

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