Margie Arnett

Patient Leader

I'm an Assistant Professor, author & keynote speaker who is owned by 7 furkids. I regularly tweet healthy reminders and announce recent health research on @MargieArnett and specifically dental health on @LLUDentistry. I teach medical/dental professors how to use social media in a course to further engage students. I presented research and workshops about using social media in the health industry at the National Smokeless and Spit Tobacco Summit, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, International Conference on Addictions Research & Therapy, the National Conference on Tobacco or Health, the American Dental Education Associations annual session and I was the 2013 keynote speaker at the Association of Dental Educators of Europe. I am the daily voice of 5 dental offices and the voice of a few non-profits social media presence: Dr. Earl R. Crane's Children's Dental Health Clinic of the Assistance League of San Bernardino is my favorite cause, and I volunteer there. They provide dental treatment for uninsured children for $20. My motto is to, "Mend the world within my reach."


Best in Show: Facebook Best in Show: Twitter Health Activist Hero

Based on her ALSB volunteer activities & content posted for ALSB Dental Center (FB & Twitter), @LLUDentistry & her personal twitter account - which has numerous health messages & newly published research.  — Deborah

Margie is passionate about supporting dental and health programs that provide access to the underserved in our community. Twitter is her special means to expand awareness about programs in which she is personally involved and others that support health access, including the school-based oral health program she designed and implemented for first graders in San Bernardino; the translation of relevant health research information into easily-understood terms; and relays important community events that support health access for local families.  — Kristen

Margie gives high visibility to non-profit safety net dental clinics and is a firecracker for oral health improvement. She helps bring awareness to the many challenges faced by healthcare professionals and goes one step further to help bring about the changes we desperately need.  — Brian

Good luck, congrats!  — Cynthia

Margie is dedicated to improving the dental health among children in the San Bernardino community. To this end she is a member of the Assistance League of San Bernardino. Margie serves as the Co-Chair for the Dr. Earl R. Crane Children's Dental Health Center, the Assistance League's charity. She volunteers her time and talents to further the work of the clinic in serving uninsured children.  — Mary

Margie Arnett

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