Emily Levy

Patient Leader

Emily Levy is an award-winning social impact entrepreneur and patient advocate through her work as the CEO and Co-Founder of Mighty Well. Mighty Well creates innovative products in the emerging Adaptive Wear market that is focusing on inclusivity in the chronic illness and disability communities which affects 1 in 3 Americans. As patients and caregivers ourselves, we apply sportswear fabric technology to the medical industry and building a digital supportive community of Friends in the Fight for our consumers. Levy and team are leading the global charge of helping patients and caregivers turn sickness into strength with the vision of Mighty Well being the Under Armour of Health Care. Levy is a graduate of Babson College, Class of 2016, with a scholarship for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership. Levy has participated in world-class business programs including the Morgan Stanley's Innovation Lab, MassChallenge, and is the 2019 Cartier Women's Initiative North American Finalist. While Emily does love speaking and inspiring health care professionals, she loves her husband, Yousef, and dog, Olive, more. Together, they live in New York City. Emily has lived with vascular access (PICCs and a port) for all of her adult life. She battles Lyme Disease, Hashimotos, CIDP, and POTS.


Newport, RI


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Best Kept Secret
Emily Levy

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