Crohns - Leaving The Seat Down

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Hi, I'm Vern, I'm from Canada and I have been living with Crohn's Disease for 28 years now, which means I haven't been "regular" for over half my life !!. I started my blog as a "diary" and has been a great release for me. The "You Might Be a Crohnie" section is fun and a must read ! I try and make it humorous and helpful. It's also a place for me to display my artwork. Crohn's is part of my life now and take everything one day at a time, because you just have to and not let it run your life.


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For all that he has experienced (he would not accept my using "...suffered..." his great Blog page is always upbeat with a positive "twist", comment, or tale that must bring a smile to all other "Crohnies".

He's lived with this a long time. Admire him to speak out and to put out a great blog.

This blog cuts through the pain to give encouragement to all sufferers of Crohn's disease. Whatever the day this blog shines a light to brighten everything.  — Helen

This blog is one of the best I have seen that allows a 'pain-sufferer' to voice humourously issues and ideas that encourage and envigorate fellow sufferers. Each post has a light-beam that shines issues with a smile. Thanks Vernon!  — colin

Crohns - Leaving The Seat Down

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