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When I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 13, it changed my life in so many ways. But mostly, it made me lose who I was or had any chance at being because I felt such a need to keep what I was going through a secret. I became the master at being fake & pretending everything was fine. About a year and a half ago, I couldn't take feeling so isolated and reached out to the wonderful people who are in the IBD community. I shared my story, and started my blog a week later. My advocacy is geared towards people who are feeling lonely and not able to share their struggles with the people in their lives.


Best Kept Secret Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Blog

Marisa's blog is inspiring, helpful, and filled great information on IBD. I always look forward to her articles.

Marisa continually inspires with her candor and courage. By opening up about how she has dealt with her chronic illness and the challenges she has had to overcome, she brings together a community of people with similar challenges, providing information and online support to people who might otherwise feel isolated and alone.  — Pearl

Marisa is an amazing person, and she has a gift for sharing her experiences in a way that is deeply inspiring, thoughtful, and relatable.  — Brinda

I am nominating Marisa for her blog on her life with ulcerative colitis. The reason I am nominating her is because she wears her heart on her sleeve in her writing, but does not sugar coat the harsh realities a patient with Inflammatory Bowel Disease faces.  — Sara


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