Tanya J Peterson

Patient Leader

After dealing with anxiety after a TBI and rediscovering wellbeing, I use my brand, Wellbeing & Words, to empower people to create their version of a quality life. Reducing anxiety is of course desirable, but even more important is replacing it with the life you envision for yourself. I write self-help books to help people take charge of their wellbeing. My novels educate about mental health struggles. I also write extensively for HealthyPlace.com, co-authoring the Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog, writing the weekly newsletter, and providing other articles, Speaking allows me to engage with people in person, too.


Eugene, OR


Patient Leader Hero

Tanya Peterson is an amazing advocate for anyone facing a mental illness/mental health challenges. Not only has she written books focusing on mental illnesses in a format that is relatable and informative for anyone interested in learning more about mental illnesses. She's created presentations and book groups for students around mental health.

Tanya J Peterson

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