Bonita Shelby

Patient Leader

Always protecting my health and wellness; positioned to help YOU do the same! I am the Principal of DiVine Health Choices, which promotes Next Level Self Care. I'm a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and a 29+ year breast cancer survivor to thriver. I educate, advocate and provide Seed to Seal Essential Oils and other integrative therapy products and services. After I experienced a breast cancer diagnosis over 29 years ago and seeing family members die young from debilitating and painful health challenges, I sought and found a more excellent way to improve quality of life for myself and then to share with others. DiVine Health Choices was formed out of the ashes to become a Wellness Marketplace ministry business, grounded in a LIFEstyle of Next Level Self Care! Why Next Level? Because it challenges me and others to continue to seek and embrace the best of the rest available in self care. This requires an open mind and determination to learn and then be flexible to make the necessary changes, as needed. I'm (1) the Next Level Self Care Advocate for my own self first, an Integrative Modalities Advocate/Navigator (2) an original foodie and home cook, who learned to replace unhealthy, tasty 'fake food' or junk with nutrient rich, clean, tasty, real food, snacks & beverages (3) an eternal student, and seeker/sharer of truth (4) a writer for A Knowing Spirit; here's my Introductory post... Here's a podcast about my journey... I am not diagnosing, prescribing, treating, preventing or claiming cure of any diseases. Please seek medical attention from your chosen resource. See my blog or our online info page... You can also get our twice monthly newsletter...


Adelphi, MD


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Bonita Shelby

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