Tom Muyunga-Mukasa

Patient Leader

As an HIV Prevention and Care Activist my effort is around understanding literature about HIV, its prevention, transmission, care, public health, legal, policy and development aspects. I then use the politics, people, prevention and planet filters to apply what I know to grass root communities where I serve. I have been involved in ensuring a human face in my work. When dealing with people living with HIV, the house, food, medication and quality life have been the basis of what informs my position and bargaining angle. I find time to advocate for an enabling environment where all communities can address the ravages of HIV. The UNAIDS supports this kind of nondiscriminatory teamwork.


Kampala, W


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The blogs have become sensational reference points in Africa especially because they are well written, they engage readers. The regularly updated blogs cover HIV/AIDS, development, Youth issues, Life-span counselling and guidance, housing, livelihood, politics, human rights, writing and one can go back to them anytime.  — Tom

Since 1997 to date, Tom is a perennial human rights defender from Uganda. He has ensured people living with HIV do not face stigma and discrimination. He has advocated for LGBTIQQ and sex-workers to access health services. He is also a development worker and has pioneered an online platform anonymously reaching out to persecuted LGBTIQQ.  — Tom

Tom's dedication to uplifting others and his humble ways at doing community development work is what makes him reach out to so many people. Tom uses his hands, head, legs and pockets to do work when many may express revulsion. From caring for people living with HIV in Uganda to refugees in Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya, Tom has a helping hand there.  — Tom

Tom Muyunga-Mukasa

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