Mila Clarke Buckley

Patient Leader

Mila Clarke Buckley started her blog The Hangry Woman after wanting to learn more about her own type 2 diabetes diagnosis. When she noticed the stigma, and shame surrounding other patients willingness to open up about the disease, she decided to live boldly, and share an honest perspective of living a good life with type 2 diabetes. Her goal is to change the way type 2 diabetes is understood by the general public. Mila's work has been featured in Healthline, WebMD, Travel Noire, and the Houston Press. She continues her advocacy work with Novo Nordisk as a Disease Experience Expert Panelist and shares ways pharmaceutical companies can better connect to the type 2 diabetes patient experience.


Houston, TX


Best in Show: Instagram Best in Show: Blog Best Kept Secret Rookie of the Year

She has extremely worked hard to chronicle her journey while sharing useful tips to others. Mila continues to be a rising star and has grown her presence to what it is over the years. She is an inspiration to many and will continue to shine.  — Jeff

To creative positive change in the world, you have to be HANGRY. 👊🏼  — Jared

Mila is always spot-on with her Instagram posts and stories with recipes and tips for those battling Type 2 Diabetes as well as those who love food and Mila (and her hubby & dogs), too. It's an engaging page that I always look forward to.  — CJ

Mila Clarke Buckley

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