Hannah Young

Patient Leader

I started making care packages which I call Happy Bundles for children with cancer and special needs back in June 2015 when I was 17 or 18. A happy bundles is a package full of fun activities such as coloring items, craft items, toys, and all kinds of other goodies! I use all donations and sometimes I use my own money if I really need to. I have helped over 500 children since I started this and I hope to keep bringing more smiles to kids faces. Childhood Cancer is something I have become very passionate about. I have never been so passionate about a cause. I have met so many amazing families and even have made a ton of friends through doing this. Awareness is KEY!




Advocating for Another

Hannah has done so much good and has brought so much happiness to children fighting cancer, Down syndrome and autism without asking anything for herself. Her Happy Bundles bring so many smiles to so many deserving children! ❤️🎗  — Angelica

Hannah Young

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