Moniqua Demetrious: Beautifully Made- Inside & Out

Patient Leader

I use to work for a fashion stylist company for 2 and half years but than my UC started to get serve and due to failing medications after medications I had to leave and focus on my health. And that’s how the birth of my passion for advocacy happened.


Fort Lee, NJ


Rookie of the Year

Just to give you a little about myself, I have been suffering with chronic ulcerative colitis for 9 years. After, exhausting all FDA approved medications, I had no choice but to have my 2 of 3 surgeries removing my colon/rectum & creating a j pouch. Last surgery Aug.9th aka no more ostomy bag. This journey has made me so passionate with advocating  — Moniqua

Moniqua Demetrious: Beautifully Made- Inside & Out

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