Simona Gilman (Medisafe)

Patient Leader

Medisafe is the leading medication management platform, supporting 4.5 million patients and caregivers world wide. The whole team is laser focused supporting patients through a personalized and digital approach, no matter how many medications they may be taking. I joined the team because it was clear that patients always came first and together we could make a fundamental change in an unspoken, but deadly part of our healthcare system. Over the past few years we've redoubled our efforts to reach out to patients, understand their individualized medication needs and design the appropriate solutions!


Boston, MA


Patient Leader Hero


Healthcare Collaborator: Company

My first ever conversation with Simona was on health care. She and I have become close friends because my first impression of her was that she has an incredible heart because she's in this field only to make it better and help others. She's a healthcare professional for the purest of reasons and that's why she should be considered.  — Ben

Simona Gilman (Medisafe)

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