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International Pain Foundation (iPain) is your Power of Pain headquarters. We recognize the value of every person who makes up the chronic pain community. We are guided by our commitment to excellence, leadership and patient empowerment.


San Tan Valley, AZ


Best in Show: Twitter


Best Team Performance

@powerofpain knows it’s not easy to do amazing things in 140 characters but they excel at it. They use it to be creative easily digestible thoughts, share health stories, activate advocacy and get other into clinical trials. They host amazing & relevant chats & participate actively in others' chats, push out words of encouragement & support.  — Barby

The iPain Foundation team is advocating to make daily living better for those who live in pain. They run online chats, webinars, are a non-profit organization doing many projects that takes their activism to new heights because of the assistance from one another. iPain projects increase access to proper and timely care for chronic pain patients.  — Barby

I nominate the POPF who is in its 8th year of service. They have an all volunteer staff. The POPF provides 4 areas of service. 1) Education; hosting FREE educational events for patients, caregivers & providers. 2) Awareness events for the public 3) Social events for patient to prevent isolation and 4) Cover access to care issues (peer mentors, etc)

iPain Foundation has become one united voice that is powerful and persuasive. We must come together in one motion to make a difference in the lives of those living among us with chronic pain.  — Barby

The International Pain Foundation, the Power of Pain headquarters are creating Chronic Pain awareness campaigns that address the global health crisis of pain while shining a lght of hope and provide support and community for those that struggle to manage daily. The International Pain Foundation is always working for the Chronic Pain community.  — Amanda

iPain is a Patient Leaders who creates videos from music, mindfulness, webinars, etc. to connect with fellow patients and caregivers. They create how-to videos, describing their day- to-day lives, highlighting others and showcasing their advocacy works. Just watching you will feel connected to them & to their cause, because their videos are great!  — Barby

The International Pain Foundation is a grassroots organization that supports patients, educates the public through Awareness and Advocacy programs . The iPain community is active, engaged and dedicated.  — Amanda

What do you say about Ken. A true leader in the online space in regards to community and health related conversations. Always inviting those that are new and making them feel as part of the community regardless of their knowledge.  — Ross

International Pain Foundation (iPain) uses its Instagram account to advocate for pain patients, caregivers, healthcare pros & public worldwide for proper & timely access to care for all.  — Barby

iPain Livng Magazine is a wonderful resource for the chronic pain community of patients, providers and caregivers. The magazine started as a digital magazine and is now published internationally and available for the global pain community to read all about the latest news and gain insight into new treatments.  — Amanda

Unfortunately, so many other patients experience Barby's journey in their own life. She shares her knowledge of overcoming the challenges that we face every day with our activities of daily living on SM. She learned the hard way and now want to pass on knowledge to give hope and answers to all patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.  — Power

International Pain Foundation

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