Beverley Butterfly

Patient Leader

I first became ill in my early 20s after qualifying as a nurse, I was told I was not well enough to work for the NHS 18months after finishing my diploma. I moved back home and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, for the next 10years I was treated for MS only to be told it was not MS though I had neurological issues they wouldn't look into because I had them since birth. I was then diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and later Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, my road to diagnoses left me feeling alone and lost so I started blogging about it and later started a you tube channel to also share my journey. Nobody should feel alone that is why I share my story.


Rugeley, ENG


Best in Show: Youtube

Prolific Youtuber about Chronic illness, including chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia. A good mix of tips and issues and talking about her life.  — Lesley

Beverley is so committed to her Youtube channel with an amazing regular upload schedule and great content. She's such a wonderful human being and always supports other people's channels. She is an amazing asset to the community.  — Jenni

Beverley Butterfly

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