Dale Reardon (https://mydisabilitymatters.club)

Patient Leader

I am blind (Charlie is my seeing-eye dog) & from Australia. I want to help people with disabilities worldwide. I have created the My Disability Matters Club to provide a safe, respectful & tolerant online social community for the disability sector - but not for just PWDs, also friends, family, carers & businesses. Other social networks such as Facebook & Twitter have bullying, trolling & harassment towards PWDs & disability issues - MDM is providing a safe alternative to let you leave FB. I want to spread the message of equality, diversity & respect for all PWDs. MDM is in need of publicity, sponsorship, promotion & investment to help thousands more so please endorse/support MDM today.


Kingston Beach, 06


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Best Kept Secret

My Disability Matters News website is a great source for World Health News, also the MDM Club - Patient Community Blog Platform, and all the way over in Australia is quite hidden from sight. Being blind I find it remarkable that he has achieved everything so far and I admire his drive for disability rights and fairness for the chronically ill.  — Carole Sian

I am the founder of the My Disability Matters Club, an online community for people with disabilities, their friends, family, carers. Loneliness and isolation are huge issues in the disability community and I want to help many more people make friends, and get the peer support they need. We can achieve more if others can help spread the word.  — Dale

Dale Reardon (https://mydisabilitymatters.club)

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