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About Dale Reardon and My Disability Matters Our vision is to create an empowering and safe online community for those impacted by disability to meet, share, learn and discuss. What is My Disability Matters? My Disability Matters (MDM) has been created to improve the lives of people who live with disability. Living with disability can be lonely and very challenging. Despite over ONE BILLION people worldwide living with disability, many do not have access to the information and resources they need that could improve their lives. Many do not feel a sense of community. For Founder Dale Reardon, his motivation starts from a personal perspective. “I have been a blind disabled person for almost 30 years, since I was 17. I personally understand many, not all of course, of the struggles and discrimination that disabled people face. I seek to help empower disabled people and give them a voice. MDM provides a place for disabled people to find information, ask advice, network and debate issues around disability. They will find their community.” MDM provides valuable online resources for the disability community, with more planned for the future. •The community site, the MDM Club, is a social network. It is a place for members to have open discussions of disability issues, to meet others affected by disability from across the world and find peer support. •The News website houses over 1000 news and opinion articles on disability issues and disability rights. No new articles are currently being published on MDM News. •[COMING SOON] The MDM Shop, will provide a place to find book, eBooks and products that will assist people with disability day to day. What My Disability Matters aims to achieve Our Goals In addition to the social impact achieved by the provision of services through the MDM websites, MDM has two further social goals. As MDM grows, we look forward to employing disabled people into as many positions as possible. People with disability will undertake roles across the business. In Australia, almost half of people with disability are not in the labour force (46.6%), compared with 16.8% of those without disability (ABS 2015). The goal is to create a sustainable business. Longer term, as profitability is achieved, we will reinvest a significant portion of the profits back into the disability community through the creation of a foundation. At this early stage, we envisage the Foundation providing grants to disabled people to enable them to start up their own business. When the foundation becomes a reality, it is feasible the scope may broaden to other purposes as well. Our Vision 1.Create an empowering and safe online community for those impacted by disability to meet, share, learn and discuss. 2.Be the authority source for disability news and opinion, created by the disabled for the disabled. 3.Provide work opportunities for people with disability. 4.Create a foundation to provide start-up funds for disabled people wanting to start a business. Our Mission Create an empowering and safe online community for those impacted by disability to meet new friends, share experiences, learn and discuss. Assist in overcoming loneliness and isolation, and provide the accessibility, safety, tolerance and respect that is often missing from other social media platforms. Sustainability All services of My Disability Matters are delivered online. Access to the News site, and personal membership of the MDM Club are free for personal use and this is how we intend for it to continue. As is common online, free content and services include the presence of advertising. Advertising and other sources of income will be pursued so that MDM as a whole can be sustainable and continue to provide services for the disability community, for which they will not need to pay. It is only through a sustainable business that our goals can be achieved. About Dale Reardon, Founder of MDM I am 48 and have been blind since the age of 17. My seeing eye dog Charlie is 9 and is my fourth dog. I have a law degree with honours and have practised as a lawyer in Tasmania, WA and Victoria. I have owned several businesses and currently operate other businesses with my wife, Jo. I was born in Tasmania and have lived in many parts of Australia, and have travelled broadly. So far my favourite place to visit is France. The wine, food and culture are great. I do really enjoy tropical beach holidays in Asia, Thailand or Far North Queensland also. Jo and I now live in the beautiful beachside suburb of Kingston Beach in Tasmania. Charlie is particularly happy that the dog beach is very close by.


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My Disability Matters News website is a great source for World Health News, also the MDM Club - Patient Community Blog Platform, and all the way over in Australia is quite hidden from sight. Being blind I find it remarkable that he has achieved everything so far and I admire his drive for disability rights and fairness for the chronically ill.  — Carole Sian

I am the founder of the My Disability Matters Club, an online community for people with disabilities, their friends, family, carers. Loneliness and isolation are huge issues in the disability community and I want to help many more people make friends, and get the peer support they need. We can achieve more if others can help spread the word.  — Dale

Dale Reardon (https://mydisabilitymatters.club)

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