Christalle Bodiford

Patient Leader

At age 25, Christalle was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy with generalized seizures – after a misdiagnosis for 12 years. In 2009, she began her natural health journey & strives for a seizure free life – controlling her seizures with lifestyle choices, CBD, & the Ketogenic Diet. Unable to connect with others living with epilepsy in a positivity-based community, Christalle saw an opportunity to create something special. Being passionate about Epilepsy awareness, she founded Life Elektrik – a nonprofit organization that offers support, education, & advocacy for those living with epilepsy. To learn more visit: or @LifeElektrik on Instagram.


Austin, TX


Patient Leader Hero

In the 14 years of living with epilepsy, I never met anyone like myself until I came across LifeElektrik and the founder. Christalle has made an immense difference and helped in a way she can't possibly fathom. Christalle allows me to stay hopeful that one day I shall have regained control of my life..She is definitetly deserving of this award!!!  — Chantel

Christalle Bodiford

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