Paul Simms

Patient Leader

In 2003, Paul started working in pharma. He quickly became aware of the industry's potential to do better by creating patient value instead of just selling medicines. Paul devised the annual 'Patient Summit Europe', first held Feb 2004, and the US equivalent a few months later. These events and the surrounding narrative initiated pharma's patient-centricity movement, impacting millions worldwide. 15 yrs later, Paul has now launched the 'im-patient' conference where patients are now the designers/creators/hosts! Today, Paul is working on the next big thing: 'The Barcelona Treaty' where the whole industry commits to more ambitious patient goals to 2040. Watch this space...


London, ENG


Healthcare Collaborator: Company

Through a bit of collaboration Paul has taken an idea in March and helped to bring it alive to happen not just in the UK but also the USA, (OCT 18) Impatient - a pharma conference designed by patients. where patients get to ask the questions. Paul,eyeforpharma & it's team have been a fabulous mentor to me since Barca/March & giving me opportunities  — Carole Sian

Paul Simms

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Best in Show: Blog Nominee

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