Carol Taylor

Patient Leader

I'm a Methodist pastor in the North Carolina Conference, wife, mother, and Granny, who is a stage 3b melanoma patient/survivor/thriver who wants others to know about and understand melanoma. I don't want my story to become their story. A big push with me, right now, is to remove melanoma from the "skin cancer" category and help others understand that it is so much more than that. I also want to get people to melanoma specialists once they are diagnosed, and also into the hands of dermatologists who make melanoma and skin cancer the sole focus of their practice.


Best in Show: Facebook


Best in Show: Facebook

reverend Carol Taylor is a melanoma patient and survivor, an activist, a support community, a prayer centre, a hope giver, a source of community for so many in the melanoma community. She blogs, tweets, has several pages on Facebook to provide support for melanoma patients, caregivers and families. She takes this time out of her daily activities as a preacher to inspire and give hope to others. As a melanoma patient myself, she helped pull me out of a very tight spot. This is why I nominate her, she is a hero to many and an inspiration  — Ginette

Carol has been a dominant force in the melanoma community, giving support to anyone in need by starting many fb support groups. She also spoke from her faith in offering spiritual strength & hope through her group Melanoma Prayer Center. She has also been active in prevention of melanoma and is co-admin of FB page Pull the Plug on Tanning Beds.  — Donna

Carol Taylor

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