Bev Late

Patient Leader

I've struggled with my health for years but my advocacy on a personal level is pretty new. In 2014, I shared my recent bipolar diagnosis on Facebook. My passion then grew stronger and louder. In 2016, I started a mental health advocacy project, involving a blog, social media & public speaking. In July 2017, I had a virus that triggered chronic pain which hasn't ever left. Since, I was diagnosed with both fibromyalgia and endometriosis. I took a break from advocacy, but in May I came back bigger than before with a broader focus: chronic illness. I'm currently advocating with Instagram and in-person networking/volunteering, while building a website and outreach plan behind-the-scenes.


Toronto, 08


Best Kept Secret

Beverly has been living in terrible physical pain for over a year, and has been suffering with debilitating mental health issues for several more. She manages to find time to also advocate on behalf of a close friend with a cystic fibrosis. Her content is engaging, well-crafted, and many have expressed made them feel less alone and motivated them.  — Kassey

Bev Late

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