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Fight Like A Warrior was founded in 2016 by, then college freshman, Alexa Chronister in an effort to make an even bigger impact from our Cards For Warriors Program. Today, Fight Like A Warrior is a community of over 15,000 warriors battling life-changing health conditions. Our organization is run by a team of volunteers who generously give their time and abilities to the programs that support our warriors. Our team is made up of individuals of all ages and backgrounds, but most of our volunteers are battling chronic health conditions themselves, are studying for a career in medicine or are medical professionals, and/or are caregivers for loved ones. Cards For Warriors remains a defining aspect of our organization and the program has sent close to 1,000 cards of hope to warriors across the United States and around the world. These cards have gone to warriors of differing backgrounds and identities, some who are bedridden, others who are just entering middle school, those on hospice care, warriors coping with a new diagnosis, those who have been battling their condition(s) for years, and more. These individuals are sent handmade cards from fellow warriors who treat their individual story as just that, a unique and individual experience. Warriors can nominate themselves to receive a card, but are also often nominated by friends, family members, or fellow warriors. In addition, our online community offers a Community Blog where warriors of all ages, backgrounds, and identities are given a platform to share their thoughts and connect with others. Our blog covers a range of topics and aims to give a genuine voice to the challenge of chronic health conditions, while continuing to be a positive voice of hope for our community. Fight Like A Warrior has remained focused on increasing awareness and eliminating stigmas surrounding chronic health conditions, in addition to empowering our warriors to be their own advocates and serving as an advocacy group for our community at large. We partner with other like-minded health organizations, as well as warriors themselves to accomplish this mission. Our Advocacy Team is composed of about five incredible individuals who dedicate all of their work to advocacy and awareness projects. From concerns stemming from particular hospital changes to federal legislation, our advocacy team is ready to be a voice for our community. Another huge aspect of Fight Like A Warrior is our Ambassador Program. This program is a way for warriors to get involved with our organization through one of our most major platforms - Instagram. After being connected with our program manager, ambassadors are provided new projects each month that are generally focused around supporting others, learning about positive social media presence and role modeling, utilizing awareness tools for issues important to each individual ambassador, and increasing Fight Like A Warrior outreach in an effort to support more warriors. Finally, Fight Like A Warrior aims to unite, empower, and advocate for warriors battling life-altering health conditions. Through a team of volunteers who are medical professionals, caregivers, or most commonly- warriors themselves, our organization is not only a community, but a movement proving SICK FIGHTS BACK.


Sinking Spring, PA


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Best in Show: Community

Alexa, (founder of Fight Like a Warrior) is a kind, strong and empathetic individual who is using her platform to highlight those with chronic illnesses and celebrate them for their strength. Through Fight Like a Warrior, she creates a strong, positive community that promotes perseverance and strength in difficult times.  — JeanMarie

Alexa has taken one of the most difficult hand of cards you can be dealt and turned it into something amazingly beautiful. Fight Like A Warrior creates hope and happinesss for the POTS and chronic illness community, and it’s because of Alexa that this possible. She inspires others everyday. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.  — Jojo

Alexa has taken one of the most difficult hand of cards you can be dealt and turned it into something amazingly beautiful. Fight Like A Warrior creates hope and happinesss for the chronic illness community, and it’s because of Alexa that this possible. She inspires and heals others everyday. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.  — Jojo

Alexa is the most resiliant person I know. Not only has she been dealing with her own diagnosis so positively, but she has been helping so many other young people to do the same. She always pushed through to take on the day ahead. Fight Like A Warrior has helped me in my day to day and I am so excited to see it grow.  — Dani

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness herself, Alexa chose to be proactive and develop a community of support for others living with chronic illness. Her efforts combat isolation, depression, despair and provide a community of connection, encouragement and hope.  — Marika

Fight Like A Warrior has given the chronic illness community a safe place to feel supported and empowered. There are many facets to this organization including Cards for Warriors and an Advocacy Group! I am so thankful to Fight Like a Warrior for their hard work and community engaging support!  — Courtney

Fight like a warrior has helped me connect with others with similar illnesses and has made me feel like I’m never alone in my fight against multiple illnesses  — Mary

Fight Like A Warrior has created such an incredible community of chronic illness warriors who support each other and are there for each other when we need it most. From their blog posts, Instagram conversation starters to recognizing Warriors of the Month who have been fighting the good battle especially hard, this supportive community is amazing!  — Jaelin

Fight like a warrior has given me a safe place to turn to when I need support from fellow warriors. It gives me an outlet to express myself and all the hardships that come along with being chronically ill and I will forever be thankful for everything they have done.  — abby

Fight Like A Warrior

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