Saaim Ali

Patient Leader


Buffalo, NY


Best in Show: Youtube Rookie of the Year

Saaim is very caring, sweet, and passionate about epilepsy awareness! She works very hard to raise awareness about epilepsy and help others on various platforms, while also giving speeches and other activism.  — Jenna

Saaim is a very hard worker and inspirational. Her videos have really taught me a lot about what it’s like to have epilepsy and have brought insight into my life about this disorder. I’ve learned so much from her, and her videos are fun, cute, and humorous! Her effort surely does not go unnoticed.

Saaim has only started her YouTube channel recently but she is full of life, animated, and eager to present important and sometimes difficult topics about epilepsy. And not just epilepsy, but ordinary topics like skin care and makeup. She's great at showing how a disability like epilepsy can produce positives, and not slow her down.  — Matt

I've watched Saaim over the past year on Twitter, advocating for the epilepsy community. She shares her experience of living with epilepsy and the impact having a chronic illness can have on your early adulthood experience. I think she's a great voice for teens and young adults within the epilepsy community!  — Christalle

Saaim Ali

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