Michael Mittelman

Patient Leader

Michael Mittelman is the co-Founder and Board Chairman for the American Living Organ Donor Fund, a patient rights group focused on helping living organ donors in their quest to become a donor. He is also an Ambassador for PCORI. He was recently selected to be a Consumer Reviewer for the Department of Defense. Michael has also worked as a payer when he served as a Product Development and Capability Manager at Independence Blue Cross. While there, he was the business lead for the IBC-Comcast Joint Venture. He also focused on developing new products to help members and patient better engaged in their healthcare. He is the former Patient Editor at The BMJ, and he currently sits on the International Patient Advisory Board. Prior to that he was the CEO and Co-Founder of PHmHealth, a digital health company focused on post-acute care and compliance. He also served as Director of Product Development at CareCentrix. His experience as a patient spans over 3 decades. He is a 3-time kidney transplant recipient with other chronic conditions, including a rare kidney disease. Michael was invited to testify/advocate before the FDA on the topics of transplant patient outcomes. Additionally, he serves on the steering committee of a PCORI-Funded initiative. He has also overseen the mobile app development taskforce and the data governance taskforce for the same PCORI-funded initiative, the NephCure Kidney Network. Michael is a tireless, independent patient advocate and a healthcare strategist. He strongly believes that patients should play integral roles in healthcare companies and government agencies.  Michael holds an MBA in Healthcare Management from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. He also has a BA in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a published author with recent pieces in the American Journal of Transplantation and the BMJ.


Philadelphia, PA


Lifetime Achievement Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero
Michael Mittelman

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