Michelle Auerbach

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Dollard Des Ormeaux, 10


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Michelle is ray of light. She’s a huge advocate for people with chronic illnesses and T1D, confounding Chronic Love Club. I am so so proud of what’s she’s doing. She makes people feel heard and loved. She gives us hope when we’re scared, fed up or hopeless. She is such a light in the community with all that she is doing. She deserves this.  — Shiri

Michelle inspires me every day, whether it’s the blogs she writes, or the illnesses she teaches me about. She does an amazing job raising awareness for these illnesses. She also puts a smile on everyone’s face while doing so, and keeps a smile on hers while she faces bad times.

Michelle does incredible advocacy work for people Chronic Illness all over the world. Being not only the co-founder of @chronicloveclub which helps tens of thousands of chronically ill people all over the world connect, but also running this personal T1D blog sharing light and positivity in strong adversity. She is incredibly brave, strong & kind.  — Michael

Michelle is a huge inspiration. She has taken her struggles and created an amazing supportive community. Chronic Love Club is where thousands of people have been able to share, connect, and help each other through their struggles. She gives people a safe place to go. I always recommend her community when I hear people going through health issues.  — Rachel

Michelle is very open and honest with her readers creating an attachment to her blog posts. She shares her struggles which in turn helps her bond and connect with her readers. Her transparency helps those going through similar health issues feel comfort in knowing they're not alone. Most importantly, her blog posts help raise and spread awareness.  — Rachel

Michelle Auerbach

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