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“In 2014 I medically retired from my position as Executive Manager, in Financial Services, a role I loved. My body had decided to work against me and I was diagnosed with severe bowel prolapse, Rheumatoid Arthritis, other autoimmune diseases, and a complex idiopathic Rare Bone Disease. I have constant pathological broken bones and a permanent colostomy. Life is a challenge but still fulfilling as I blog about ” My Medical Musings” living with an unpredictable complex disease. My passion has always been helping people to achieve their full potential. I now have the honor of supporting others, living with complex illness, through my online community “Medical Musing With Friends”. Learn more about Sam’s community.


Park Ridge, 04


Best in Show: Blog

I love her honesty and open writing in her blog, her writing is such a friendly style and I have enjoyed following her story. She adds in so many tips of how to cope with things and honestly reading her blog is like connecting with a good friend  — Beverley

Past Awards Participation

2018 WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Community
Sam Moss - My Medical Musings

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