Sherri Holdren

Patient Leader

I am 58 years old with stage 4 COPD I for the longest time didn't understand what's COPD was and I further hurt my own health I am trying to reach as many people as I can to tell them to go to your doctor and listen to your doctor to stop smoking take your medicines like you shouldn't wear your oxygen like you should very important things in our fight against COPD COPD is the third leading killer of women in the United States today and it's the most misunderstood disease there is and the least funded there needs to be more education there needs to be more help for people especially in rural areas


Salisbury, NC


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Facebook Best Team Performance

Sherri came onboard in our Let's Talk COPD Support Group and began helping see that everything ran smooth and easy. She help control events, tips, conversations on a daily basis. She help add members all hours of the day and night. She became a listening board for 99 percent of the members in the group. She help find information for them.  — Jimmy

Sherri is an administrator for our Facebook group and I have noticed that this champion woman does not sleep. Day through night she is always helping all the members of our group. When the other administrators are in the hospital, or not well enough to be in group; Sherri is there. Always a loving ear, always with compassion,.  — sharon

Sherri makes everyone who joins our group feel welcome wnd special. Honestly I always thought she was a wonderful caring woman who contributed so much to the group. I've since found out she's admin. Sherri goes way above and beyond. We all love Sherri  — Lillian

Sherri Holdren

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