Patient Leader

Hi! My name is Tina and I'm just your typical college girl living in the suburbs of Chicago. My friends would call me free-spirited, headstrong, and goofy. I'm always looking for a smile or a laugh. I joined the chronic illness community on Instagram about two years ago and its been one hell of a journey. I've gained so much support, got connected with some amazing people, and met some of my best friends. I'm so thankful for all the love I've received! I hope to continue sharing my story and advocating for rare and chronic illness!


Hoffman Estates, IL


Best in Show: Instagram Hilarious Patient Leader

I am nominating Tina because she is always cracking me up. Her story and Instagram posts portray that despite chronic illness, it is possible to smile. Her sense of humor and willingness to go beyond the cookie cutter illness posts are really refreshing to the Instagram community!  — Ameliya

she’s kind and very helpful


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