Abby Sams

Patient Leader

Abby Sams is a 20-year-old college student and chronic illness fighter. She fought for her diagnosis for over half a decade and continues to educate and post about her daily life with chronic illness on social media. Abby strives to be real on her social media pages and holds nothing back when talking about her daily challenges or victories. She hopes that by spreading awareness of her chronic illnesses and disabilities that she will be able to break down the stereotypes and stigmas that surround them. Her advocacy has also branched out into the world of modeling representation, and she was part of Aerie's "Aerie Real Me" campaign this fall, as their first model in a wheelchair.


Norcross, GA


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Abby is my twin sister. She was diagnosed with CRPS almost two years ago and then EDS. She has struggled, and fought her way to live and thrive. Through her journey she has shared her life, her tears, and her faith. I look up to her as do many others. She keeps me going and I think it’s time for her to really shine.

Abby is my twin sister. She went undiagnosed for 5 years. But she never let that stop her, she advocated for herself and shared her journey with others and reminded them that they are not alone. She stood by me when I was undiagnosed and continues to inspire me and others around her with her faith.  — Danni

Abby Sams is my overall favorite YouTuber. She is so real and open about how she feels and how her illnesses affect her, as well as how she deals with it. She will never hesitate to step forward and represent her community, no matter what. She has always been such an inspiration to me, as well as an inspiration to many other people.  — Lyd

Abby Sams

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