The Bipolar Battle - John Poehler

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John is the creator and founder of the blog The Bipolar Battle ( John lives with bipolar disorder type 1 and publishes a weekly article on his blog. The main topic is bipolar disorder in addition to the lifestyle topics of general mental health, finance, fitness, and family. In addition to blogging, John advocates heavily on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He has been featured on various podcasts and has contributed to other websites. John is in the process of publishing his first book to help those newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and their loved ones. John's goal is to empower those living with bipolar disorder live the life they deserve.


Fort Collins, CO


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Best in Show: Twitter

John's blog focuses on two most important things factual information and his experiences with them. He really likes to bost blogs that focus on people who are newly diagnsosed with Bipolar Disorder, but those who have no understanding of the Mental Illness as well. Always with words of motivation because he understands the battle.  — Erez

John provides endless support, education & resources, & has created a supportive Twitter community & family for other people w/mental illness, especially Bipolar Disorder. He is unflinchingly honest, never glossing over the difficult pieces of having mental illness, yet still positive & supportive. He is trusted and loved by his followers.  — Y

He stands out as a true helper of people that are in need of help with being Bipolar, PTSD, OCD, among others. He has checked back with tweeters to see if his suggestions worked. many times they have which makes me vote for him and The Bipolar Battle!  — Kirk

John is not afraid to tackle the difficult subjects like hypersexuality when manic in bipolar disorder. He's an advocate for good healthy habits including exercise in maintaining rich self care and is very honest at all times in his tweets and posts about how he's doing. I find him very helpful and uplifting.  — Libby

The Bipolar Battle - John Poehler

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