Birgit Bauer

Patient Leader

I am a woman living with Multiple Sclerosis since 2005. Over the years I became a patient advocate during the years and start to talk about misconceptions, prejudices and wrong views in the field of ms. Also about the invisible symptoms we all living with MS experience. I did a lot of education, learned how to be an activist and started to blog in 2007. Today I am one of the most influential blogger about MS and healthcare in Germany and Europe and have a great community. I am very grateful to be able to help other patients with experience, knowledge and sometimes with a shoulder to cry on. I am also Journalist, Social Media Expert, Speaker, Author, Writer and in my private live I am in a very happy marriage with my hubby, love my little cat, love to read and to knit and enjoy live.


Abensberg, 02


Advocating for Another Best in Show: Blog

Birgit is incredibly dedicated to helping patients with life-changing diseases, building on her very personal experience with MS  — Ueli

Birgit Bauer

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