Lisa Rosenthal

Patient Leader

Lisa has over thirty years of experience in the infertility field. After her own personal journey of six and a half years trying to conceive, she knew that improvement was both possible and desperately needed for comprehensive services, support, and advocacy. She was determined to help others undergoing fertility treatment and is the founder of Fertile Yoga, Ladies Night In, Pregnancy After Infertility and Couples Night In. These popular fertility patient programs are supported by RMA of Connecticut, where Lisa has also served as Patient Advocate for the last twelve years. Ms. Rosenthal is a first author of a research study on Fertile Yoga accepted as a poster at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in 2019, is a board member of Resolve New England, and is the founder of RMA of Connecticut’s PathtoFertility blog.


Brookfield, CT


Best in Show: Blog Lifetime Achievement Patient Leader Hero


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Lisa provides both education and emotional support to women struggling with infertility. She runs an in person and private online Facebook group with RMA CT and has created an incredibly warm, supportive community. She is always there when her patients need her- to cry on her shoulder or to share a joy. She pursues advocacy relentlessly as well.  — Jami

Lisa is the most supportive and active patient advocate I have ever met. And I am in the medical profession myself. She provides fertile yoga, leads patient support groups in real life and online and helps others to become advocates too. She is always there and available. She also has advocated on all of our behalves and helped change legislation!  — Wendy

Lisa never ceases to amaze me. She goes above and beyond to not only continuously check in on current patients but also the “graduates”. She writes about relevant and meaningful topics that motivate us to keep fighting for our dream of motherhood. Lisa is an advocate, a friend & a resource. Lisa has been our voice when we needed her the most.

Lisa has dedicated her life to advocating for infertility treatment access for all people, and supporting those of us in treatment. From her inspiring and motivating blog, in-person support groups, advocacy efforts, online support groups, fertile yoga offerings, all the way to individualized support during and after, this is Lisa's life's work.  — Jessica

Lisa Rosenthal

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