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Patient Advocate, Chronic Illness Blogger and Founder of Facebook Support Group. I am an RN by trade but over the last few years I have transistioned into a role that I feel I was always meant to do! I have only been officially diagnosed with Lupus for 6 years however looking back my first big flare was probably when I was a teenager. Beaides Lupus I also suffer from a laundry list of other conditions, so I can relate to many. I feel like my most important role in life is to spread awareness, advocate for those who can’t and provide support for those who need it.


Spfld, MO


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Amber is an administrator in our Facebook support group Lupie Groupies . She also does a blog. She is always there with support, info on medications, and the latest research info into this disease. . The best thing about Amber is how much she cares for all of us in the group. Always reaches out to whomever needs it. She even sends cards!  — Tracy

Amber Blackburn - The World Sees Normal

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