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Hello all! As someone who has lived with Lupus and many other chronic illnesses for several years, I am able to advocate and educate the chronic illness community on many different aspects of living with a chronic illness., I also have 12 years under my belt as a Registered Nurse, so I bring something different to the table. I not only live with the conditions I advocate for, I have also seen many of them in others during my practice as an RN. I try to help those in the chronic illness and lupus community to better understand their conditions and help to provide support Five years ago when I started the support group I facilitate I wanted to try to make sure no one ever feels alone in their journey, and that they have all the information they need. The journey for a person with a chronic illness can be long and hard, and very isolating. So I do my best to make sure that no one ever has to feel alone.


Spfld, MO


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Amber is an administrator in our Facebook support group Lupie Groupies . She also does a blog. She is always there with support, info on medications, and the latest research info into this disease. . The best thing about Amber is how much she cares for all of us in the group. Always reaches out to whomever needs it. She even sends cards!  — Tracy

Amber is always advocating for those of us with chronic illnesses. She blogs about our many struggles, She is always ready to help with questions or just an ear to listen. She constantly researches for information to help us in our daily struggles, and never forgets anyone in our support group.  — Tracy

I have learned so much from reading Amber's blog, "The World Sees Normal", and have come to understand a little better about the difficulties that those with chronic illness, including lupus, have to endure on a daily basis. I am a retired RN, and have learned more from her than I did in my 40+ years as a nurse about chronic illness.  — Marsha

I enjoy Amber's blog for the insight it gives me into the life of someone with chronic illness, whether it is about her life, or someone she is featuring. She is an engaging writer, and her blog topics are varied, interesting, and well-written. I always learn something that I can use in interactions with friends or family with chronic illness.  — Marsha

Amber Blackburn - The World Sees Normal

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