Dr. Lynn Fuentes

Patient Leader

I am attempting to re-frame the way our society views illness - as a path to growth instead of a backwater. I am CEO of Transformation Teaching, an online educational company, and my primary area of expertise and interest is in helping people to manage illness and to see it as a profound personal and spiritual growth path. In the past I worked as a lawyer, a mediator, a university professor and administrator, and an educational course designer. I started the Chronic Illness Initiative, a program to help students with chronic illness obtain a degree, at DePaul University and taught courses there related to chronic illness. I have also been a long-term caregiver for severely ill family members and a volunteer in many areas, including serving for many years as a board member of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative. I use my background in various methods of personal growth such as shadow work, personal inquiry, life planning, and meditation in my teaching and use my expertise in developmental psychology and integral philosophy to help people manage the complex world of chronic illness. I am working on a book based on my Koan of Illness course series. I was also part of a team that developed the first Hispanoamerican Integral Encounter in Bogotá, Colombia in June 2019 where I presented on illness and integral in hopes of extending a more compassionate and rational view of illness into the world. I live in Sedona, AZ and follow an integral life practice of physical, psychological, meditative, and cognitive development. You can learn more about me at transformationteaching.com.


Sedona, AZ


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Lynn’s work supports people to work with the health concerns they are facing and allow it to be a transformative force in their life.  — Ottolien

Lynn has had an impact in my life with the creation of her course a Koan of Illness. She provides an opportunity for us in the online community to connect with others who are seeking a way to better understand our health from an integral perspective. She is active is providing love and support for our total well being.  — Kriss

Dr. Lynn Fuentes

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