Adriana Ford (the Breast Cancer Art Project)

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I'm the founder of the Breast Cancer Art Project, an online platform for those affected by breast cancer to express themselves through the power of art ( Experiencing any critical illness is extremely difficult and sometimes isolating, but through art I hope the project can help in some small way with emotional healing. I was diagnosed in 2016 with stage 3 breast cancer at 34, and I launched the project last year, a week after my reconstructive surgery. I don't consider myself an artist, and this project is open to all skill level & art forms. We already have more than 100 pieces of art from women across the world, forming a supportive, expressive community.


Beckenham, ENG


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Adriana, a breast cancer survivor, started a blog in 2017 celebrating art produced by breast cancer patients and pairing them with art mentors. In its first year the blog featured contributions from all over the world: 25 paintings, 8 drawings, 25 poems and 11 photographs. Fb likes 216, Twitter followers 424. Blog now used in teaching & advocacy.  — S.A.

The Breast Cancer Art project blog celebrates art produced by breast cancer patients from all over the world. It is very innovative, well designed and helps people understand what going through breast cancer treatment is all about by enabling cancer patients to tell their own story through their own artistic means.  — S.A.

I am inspired by Adriana's generosity of spirit that whilst still in recovery herself she established an online forum to provide support and motivation to others also impacted by this disease. Adriana is a true inspiration.

Adriana's story is inspiring and her tenacity is to be applauded

Adriana has raised awareness of the Breast Cancer Art Project across the work place. It was lovely to see the email section stating "Fighting fit and back at work". The art work is very powerful; the alive in the rain piece captures a rare moment.  — Georgie

Adriana Ford (the Breast Cancer Art Project)

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