Tamara Green, LCSW & David Dachinger

Patient Leader

In October 2013, we heard the 5 words that turned our world upside-down, “You have stage-4 cancer.” The brutal treatment of daily radiation and chemotherapy began immediately. When David's mass shrunk enough, major surgery was next, which was successful. Yay! During a follow up visit with the oncologist, he wanted to know how David did so well, to which he replied, “Mindfulness and meditation.” The doctor’s eyes lit up announcing, “I want that for all of my patients!” That’s when we decided to create the Loving Meditations App, a stress-reducing tool for cancer patients, caregivers and survivors that can be viewed in healthcare facilities, doctor's offices or at home.




Healthcare Collaborator: Patient
Tamara Green, LCSW & David Dachinger

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