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I am collecting illnesses. I think soon I will have a full house and get some sort of reward or trophy. I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, peripheral neuropathy, vertigo, depression, asthma, hypothyroidism, and joint hypermobility syndrome. I run a blog called the Brainless Blogger (named after my fibro foggy brain). I have written a chronic pain humour book called The Chronic Pain Manual; the really, real manual to pain. I have an app called Companly which is designed for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses to connect and engage: (Information: My most powerful advocacy is in my writing but I am thinking of expanding into actual talks and videos. I do videos but not with Me in them. Just content videos. I'm introverted so... it is a struggle. Nevertheless, I write on my blog, I have written my book, I have written or reprinted articles for sites and I have written a couple of essays for a few anthologies.


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I am Nominating Nikki because quite simply she is an amazing advocate and the community needs her. She provides valuable/helpful information.  — Judith

Nikki Albert aka Brainless Blogger makes amazing images with quotes about chronic illness, chronic pain, migraine and fibromyalgia that raise awareness of these conditions and resonate with many people.  — Lesley

Nikki's ability to write is an amazing gift. She always pitches in to assist others in the migraine community and is a fabulous friend! I initially connected with her because I was touched by her ability to express the suffering that a chronic migraineur undergoes in combination with multiple comorbid conditions through her prose.  — Migraineur

Nikki Albert blogs about life with migraines and headache disorders. She provides information, inspiration, humor, and comfort for others suffering from migraines and headache disorders.  — Drivven

Her posts are informative, poignant, and personal. She uses humor and personal experience to blog about the latest science. She is awesome..  — Guy

Nikki shares a wealth of information on her blogs and is a strong advocate for chronic migraine and fibromyalgia. I love her commitment to showing new research and technology. She shares this content on various social media sites, but I particularly commend her for the interaction and support she gives on Facebook.  — Karen

Nikki has always been not only an amazing inspiration but also an irreverent and funny contributor to the chronic pain community. Her humor and poignant blogs and postings are a soul soothing medicine for this old pain sufferer. Her own story touches the pain community as well as everyone else. She is and always will be an inspiration and a hero t  — Guy

Am a regular reader of Nikki's blog and love how articulate, raw and consistent her articles are even though she's living with so much pain. Truly admire her as a person as well, and love her no bullsh•t take on things!  — Sheryl

Brainless Blogger

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