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I blog about chronic pain, migraines and fibromyalgia to raise awareness about invisible illnesses and chronic pain. I post research, articles and reflective experience as well as my Monday Manual series which is a humorous look at chronic illness. I have a Facebook page called Making Invisible Illnesses Visible where I post content about chronic illness, invisible illnesses and chronic pain. It is important for me to raise awareness and to try to eliminate some of the stigma we see and experience in society when it comes to invisible disabilities and chronic pain.


leduc, AL


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Nikki's ability to write is an amazing gift. She always pitches in to assist others in the migraine community and is a fabulous friend! I initially connected with her because I was touched by her ability to express the suffering that a chronic migraineur undergoes in combination with multiple comorbid conditions through her prose.  — Migraineur

Nikki Albert blogs about life with migraines and headache disorders. She provides information, inspiration, humor, and comfort for others suffering from migraines and headache disorders.  — Drivven

Her posts are informative, poignant, and personal. She uses humor and personal experience to blog about the latest science. She is awesome..  — Guy

Nikki shares a wealth of information on her blogs and is a strong advocate for chronic migraine and fibromyalgia. I love her commitment to showing new research and technology. She shares this content on various social media sites, but I particularly commend her for the interaction and support she gives on Facebook.  — Karen

I am Nominating Nikki because quite simply she is an amazing advocate and the community needs her. She provides valuable/helpful information.  — Judith

Brainless Blogger

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