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Hi everyone. As a result of a life-threatening car accident years ago, I was left with a number of injuries/conditions including a closed head injury, subdermal hematoma, strabismus (double vision), plus fractures of the jaw, neck (C-1), ribs, and femur. Due to my fractured femur (thighbone), I have been wearing a 2" shoe lift ever since. And, there is severe neuropathy caused by bone spurs on the lateral side of my leg. I also had a total knee replacement 9 years ago and began chronicaling my experience on my blog - Booktoots Healing - because I felt so alone. My award-winning blog has since become a popular resource for others to express themselves and feel less alone. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that sharing my experiences can help others. Thanks for reading. Enjoy...


Seattle, WA


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After posting comments to so many sites, Marie is the first one to respond. That assured me she was a real and caring person. I thank her so much for all she is doing and hope she continues!" - James C., Abu Dabi

Marie Buckner (aka Booktoots)

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