Tosha Maaks

Patient Leader


Stanford, IL


Best in Show: Facebook Advocating for Another Best in Show: Blog

Everything the award description talks about is Tosha. She is not only a parent who supports her child with mental illness, she personally experiences mental illness as well. She is an awesome advocate for those living with Bipolar Disorder, but also for family members and friends who support their own loved ones with the same illness.  — Lorrie

Tosha shares details of what it's like living daily with Bipolar Disorder. She is a wealth of knowledge for those with the illness & family member/friend supporters like me. She also takes the time privately to answer questions and concerns that I have. I've learned so much from her perspective on this illness from her site.  — Lorrie

Past Awards Participation

2018 WEGO Health Awards


Best Kept Secret Advocating for Another
Tosha Maaks

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